13 September 2023

More than 88 thousand cars drove along M-12 on the first weekend after its opening

Along the entire length of the M-12 from Moscow to Arzamas, a record-breaking number of cars was registered at the section from Moscow to Elektrougli. For the period from September 9 to 10, this figure amounted to 26 thousand vehicles per day.

There is also an upsurge in traffic by more than 2.5 times along the M-12 section opened in September last year, spanning from the Central Ring Road to Orekhovo-Zuevo. Soon after the launch of motor traffic on this section, a daily average had reached 9.2 thousand cars, and now this figure went up to 23.5 thousand.

In total, during the first weekend following the opening, over 88 thousand cars followed the new route from Moscow to Arzamas.

The construction of the M-12 is carried on as part of the national project “Upgrading of Transport Infrastructure”. It is scheduled to put the entire highway from Moscow to Kazan into operation by the end of this year.