25 April 2024

The Russian Highways head discussed the prospects for the development of the M-4 Don with the Governor of the Rostov region

Chairman of the Board of the Russian Highways State Company Vyacheslav Petushenko held a meeting with the Governor of the Rostov Region Vasily Golubev.
“Today, the M-4 Don highway is pivotal for the State Company. It is now fulfilling an essential strategic task, in connecting the regions of the Azov-Black Sea coast with Central and North-Western Russia. Over the past four years, gigantic work has been done to develop the route, and we keep actively developing it,” stated Vyacheslav Petushenko.
He recalled the enormous support of the Rostov region during the works on the Aksay Bypass that had been built last year, and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation in the implementation of the M-4 Don reconstruction project at the 933 - 1024 km section.
Now preparations are made for bringing this project about; it has already been approved by the GlavGosExpertiza. Nonetheless, there is a series of issues that require the active participation of the regional authorities to resolve. In particular, transfer of land plots and reconstruction of communications.
Vyacheslav Petushenko emphasized that during the reconstruction period 4 lanes will be maintained, however, the speed limit will be scaled down for safety reasons.
Upon completion of the operations, residents of Russia will be able to freely travel south along a six-lane highway from Kamensk-Shakhtinsk to Novopersianovka in the Rostov region.
Prior to the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of the State Company alongside the Russian Highways leadership, rode along the entire M-4 Don from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don.
They inspected sections from 804 to 933 km of the M-4 Don highway in the Rostov region. As part of the comprehensive development, measures are taken to expand the roadway to 6 lanes at the 907 to 925 km section. Electric lighting and equipment for an automated traffic control system is being installed as well.
Along the entire 804 to 933 km section, work is underway to fit the route up with the safety equipment, including the installation of barrier and mesh fencing, message boards and road signs. The works are to be completed in June this year.
Totally, at least 500 workers and 180 units of machinery are engaged in the operations.