26 July 2022

Vehicle malfunction is in the top calls to emergency commissioners

In the first half of this year, most of the calls to the emergency commissioner service on toll sections of federal roads concerned vehicle malfunctions.

From January to June 2022, on the road section of the M-4 Don from the 21st to the 225th km alone emergency commissioners came to the aid of motorists 5,327 times. Most of the cases (3,330) were due to vehicle breakdown. 1,076 cars stopped in places not designated for this purpose. Emergency commissioners helped in more than 300 road traffic accidents.

Over the past six months, emergency commissioners have helped 407 callers on the toll section from the 33rd to the 66th km of the M-1 Belarus, 196 of which needed assistance due to vehicle breakdown. For the same period, emergency commissioners responsible for 668 km of the M-11 Neva highway came to the aid of 2,923 callers. As in the M-4 case, most of them (1,345) needed help because of vehicle breakdown.

The emergency commissioner service operates 24 hours a day on all toll sections of roads of the "Russian Highway" State Company. The service is free of charge and prompt. We draw attention of motorists to the fact that roadside stops on highways are prohibited by traffic rules and extremely dangerous.

Toll roads are equipped with special rest sites. There are more than 90 of them on the M-4 Don alone.

Of course, some circumstances may require an immediate stop. If you cannot get to a road side branch or a traffic island, proceed as follows:
- move as far to the right as possible to the edge of the roadway;
- place an emergency stop sign;
- go behind the barrier fence with your passengers;
- call an emergency commissioner using the single toll-road number: *390;
- emergency commissioners will arrive at the place within 15 minutes, put a barrier around your vehicle, and offer a solution to your problem.