23 April 2024

The introduction of innovations in road construction to increase labor productivity and reduce costs

The best practices for deploying new technologies in road construction were showcased at the National Forum of Infrastructure Companies during the session of the Russian Highways State Company: “Innovations in Road Construction: Distant Future or Today's Reality”.  
The technical policy of the Russian Highways State Company in the construction and operation of roads stipulates the implementation of bleeding-edge solutions. This approach enables to cut costs and save construction time. The implementation of innovations takes place first in experimental areas with an assessment of their efficiency. Drawing on the performance, proposals are prepared for standardization and widespread use across the road network in Russia.
One of the innovations is the proposal of Avtodor-Engineering to utilize local materials for the construction of the road base. The head of the company, Konstantin Mogilny, revealed the details of this approach.  
Chinese colleagues shared their experience in introducing new approaches as well.

To more actively implementation of advanced technologies in Russia, proposals from the road-building community will be shaped up by the results of the session and then submitted to the federal authorities.

50 students of the national industry-oriented universities (RUT MIIT, MADI, MGSU) took part in the session. As part of the event, a competition was staged among the students, and the winners received souvenirs with the logo of the Russian Highways State Company. A participant who scored the highest points got an opportunity to undertake an internship with the Russian Highways.