29 December 2023

Capital redevelopment of more than 190 km of federal and regional highways of the LPR finished

Road workers of the Russian Highways State Company along with its contractors have restored the main transport arteries of the Lugansk People's Republic.

    This includes over 190 km of the following sections of regional and federal roads: from Orekhovo to Lugansk, from Shchastya to Lugansk, from Pervomaisk to Mikhailovka, from Lugansk to the border of the Antratsitovsky District and to Stanitsa Luganskaya.

    Apart from the asphalt concrete, road workers installed 99 km of barrier fencing, 129 km of curb, 4,626 road signs and 107 bus stops. 620 km of thermoplastic markings were applied.

    In the aggregate, in less than two years, road workers have renovated about 400 kilometers of roads in the Lugansk People's Republic.